About Me

Product and UX Design Lead with a career spanning 24 years across leading global organisations in HealthTech, FinTech and Energy industries. Proven ability to lead enterprise-wide design projects, consistently exceeding client expectations. Infectious attitude to excellence, mentoring and empowering project teams.

Outside of work I enjoy cycling, drawing and helping to produce my daughters professional music portfolio.

My Skills

UX/UI Design

Figma 100%
Sketch 100%
Axure 100%
Design Systems 100%
Adobe Creative Suite 80%


Ethnographic Studies 80%
Persona Development 80%
Usability Testing 80%
User Interviews / Surveys 80%
Workshops 100%


Stakeholder Management 100%
Team Mentoring 100%
UX Advocacy 100%
UX/UI principles 100%
C-suite Presentations 100%


Agile 100%
HTML 100%
CSS 100%
Angular 70%

What People Say

From day one, Dan has been a true team player and an extremely positive influence on everyone. Dan is not afraid of complex challenges, in fact, it is evident he thrives in these situations and would go out of his way to solve problems and make ‘the complicated’ simple and intuitive for the end user and/or customer. Dan is extremely thorough and articulate in his rationale. Dan has many strengths, one thing that stands out to me is his ability to present his ideas and take stakeholders on a journey, and in doing so obtain buy-in by showing the importance of user-centered design.

Sophie Trew

Fidelity International - Global Digital Experience Associate Director

Having had the pleasure to work with Dan a number of times over the past few years it is very evident he's got sound UX principles and experience. Through his thorough technique, he understands and champions the UCD approach top-to-bottom to complete any task in hand. Whether that be working with other UX team departments or on his own, Dan will simply get on with the job. Coupled with his wealth of UI experience, Dan can prove himself to be a valuable asset in any UX/Product Design Team and to facilitate the collective vision of the bigger picture of a product to wider audiences. Confident and reliable, Dan is a very proactive, honest worker. He is engaging, innovative and informative and clearly a designer that strives to bring the best out of the project and those involved.

Rob Humphries

UX Designer at ICAEW

Dan's skills go far beyond the realm of mere aesthetics. He possesses a rare combination of exceptional design talent, technical prowess, and strategic thinking, making him a truly invaluable team player. His contributions to Zentility were instrumental in shaping the user experience and visual identity of our platform.

Ryan Peauch

CEO at Zentility

Dan’s work at AstraZeneca elevated the UX/Design standards of the Brand agencies by holding them accountable but also by way of constructive criticism and education. Rigorous and personable, Dan was the Lead on the onboarding of a main global offshore partner. His approach UX/Design is textbook perfect, which he combines with a range of multidisciplinary skills, in particular marketing and operations. It would be a privilege to work with Dan again.

Boris Jacquin

Omnichannel Delivery Director at AstraZeneca

There are some folks you work with that you just have to work with... it's a part of the job. Dan isn't one of those guys! Dan emits enthusiasm all the time and is a joy to be around. His passion for client outcomes never reduces and his level of commitment to quality is endearing and infectious.

Andrew Finlayson

Accenture - Creative Impact & Transformation | Health, Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Dan is not only a talented, creative designer but his blend of techncial skills gives him the ability to antcipate implementation challenges in any design project and ensure they are mitigated effectively.

Andrew Liptrot

Head of Conferencing Services at AstraZeneca

Daniel works closely with the client to create great website designs that are fit for purpose. Daniel has a very good understanding of usability which ensures that his designs work well with all kinds of users. It is always a pleasure to work with Daniel as he is service minded and listens to the clients need and works to meet those needs in the best possible ways without diverting from best practises.

Maria Öst

Kommunikatör på Svenska Lottakåren

I've worked closely with Daniel for more than three years. I find him to have a very strong work ethic and a good focus on completing tasks on time. His problem-solving skills are excellent and he can often find a new approach to a difficult question. He produces high-quality design work quickly and to specification whilst taking full account of accessibility and usability considerations.

Mark Rees

Software Developer at Ministry of Justice

Daniel is a talented designer with great flair who put together some superb layouts for our sites at AstraZeneca. Working within the limitations of the CMS templates he delivered some very innovative, yet compliant designs. Dan has a good appreciation of the need to work to accepted web standards and contributed greatly to the usability and accessibility of our sites.

Steve Robinson

Associate at Complete Digital